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Om Nom Nom

Om Nom Nom

NH - Other
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  • Alcohol 13.00%
Simply Put
Just a damn fun mead that puts a smile on your face

Brown Sugar
Rolled Oats

SHM Tasting
Nose Fresh picked raisins
Mid-Palate An oatmeal-like crust
Finish The sweetness of brown sugar

Where Are You
Baking cookies at grandma’s house
Sipping gently with a custard pie or tapioca pudding
A kid sharing a whole bag of cookies with friends

Our Words
The crazy uncle, what a mead can be, zany

Did You Know
It was Fannie Merritt Farmer who created the first-ever oatmeal cookie in the U.S. They gained popularity only in the 1900s when Quaker Oats made printed the recipe for oatmeal cookies on their containers.
Oatmeal, moisturizes, protects, exfoliates, and cleanses your skin. Oatmeal also helps boost collagen production, improves your skin complexion, and reduces skin inflammation. You can use it in your bath, use it to make a paste for a face mask, or use it as a gentle cleanser.

This mead is NOT gluten free.