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NH - New Hampshire
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  • Alcohol 13.20%
The Cherry
Red, heart-shaped fruits are juicy and sweet with a touch of acidity, giving them a light tartness that makes them perfectly balanced.

Cherries offer a faint and sheer lilac and rose qualities, accented with creamy vanilla and soft, almond-like aromas.

The Pasilla Pepper
Pasilla (chile pasilla) or “little raisin” properly refers to the dried chilaca pepper, a popular Mexican chili pepper. The chilaca pepper, when fresh, is also known as pasilla bajio, or as the chile negro or “Mexican negro” because, while it starts off dark green, it ends up dark brown in color. Typically grows from 8-10 inches long.
Featuring a rich smoky taste and earthy flavor.
Pasillas have a smoky, earthy and fruity flavor that pairs very well with fruit, honey and red meat.

SHM Tasting
Nose Honey, cherry, spice (majestic blend)
Mid-Palate Subtle cherry
Finish Smokey pepper

Where Are You
At a family barbecue grilling
Admiring Spanish tapestry in a museum
Captivated by a flamenco dancer

Our Words
Movement, El Jaleo, earthy sensuality, raucous

Did You Know
Tart cherries are used in baking because they hold their shape better than their sweeter cousins. The tartness allows bakers to adjust the sweetness level.
The average cherry tree has 7,000 cherries, enough cherries to make 28 pies.