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2022 Biodynamic Vernal Cloudsplitter

2022 Biodynamic Vernal Cloudsplitter

NY - Finger Lakes
$22.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 8.5%
VERNAL Cloudsplitter ’22– Certified Biodynamic. grown, fermented, bottled at Redbyrd Orchard. Release date March 2023. This cider is force carbonated. Nose of papaya, notes of raspberry, lemon, and black currant with a bright and crisp finish. Apples : golden russet, keepsake, liberty, redfield, porters’ perfection, golden hornet, dabinett, stoke red, ashmead’s kernel, texas king crab, wickson crab, tompkins king, redbyrd bitter, barn hill sharp, gnarled chapman, roxbury russet, medaille d’or, NY75, curry road bittersharp, steammill crossroads, michelin pressed: october 25 2022, rack & cloth fermented: stainless steel bottled: november 9 2022 finished: force carbonated


100% certified biodynamic fruit