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2021 Sweet Sixteen / Harry Masters Jersey

2021 Sweet Sixteen / Harry Masters Jersey

NY - Finger Lakes
$22.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 7.2%
60% Sweet Sixteen 40% Harry Masters Jersey Notes of~Baked Apple, Black Licorice, Maple, Leather~ with smoky tannins this cider has 0% residual sugar Pressed 10/04/21 Bottled 12/09/21 Demeter Certified Biodynamic cider made from certified biodynamic apples grown by Redbyrd Orchard. Sweet Sixteen is one of our favorite apples to eat in the fall. It was breed by the University of Minnesota in 1977 as a cross between Northern Spy and another Minnesota variety called Frostbite. Sweet Sixteen has such a wonderful unique sweet and spicy black licorice flavor and we feel that characteristic comes through in the fermented cider. Harry Masters Jersey is an old English cider apple from Somerset. It is classified as a strong bittersweet with smoky tannins and very low acidity. This has been one of most successful European cider apple varieties for us, producing a nice crop ( mostly ever other year) of strongly flavored tannic apples with minimal disease issues. These two apples blended may seem like an odd pair. Both apples are low acid varieties so the acidity in this cider is low but full of structure and flavor. What we love about this cider is the fruity spicy, black licorice notes from The Sweet Sixteen and the smoky tannins and structure from the Harry Masters Jersey.