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IthaKnit 2020: Lola Loves Cider! One Bottle Option

IthaKnit 2020: Lola Loves Cider! One Bottle Option


Your Cider for the Cider Lecture and REAL TIME TASTING with Redbyrd Orchard Cider makers Eric Schatt and Deva Maas portion of IthaKnit! A Unique Kit and Virtual Knitting Experience! November 13th-15th, 2020. Enjoy! This is the one bottle option. Please only order this if you are a retreat participant. Thanks!!!! Order by Oct. 28th to ensure timely shipping and delivery.

IthaKnit 2020: Lola Loves Cider! One Bottle Option is a 750mL bottle of Redbyrd's 2019 Workman Dry Cider:

Main Apple Varieties; Dolgo Crab, Somerset Redstreak, Ellis Bitter, Bedan, Zabergau, Major, Domaines, Roxbury Russet, King David, Rhode Island Greening, Browns Apple, Binet Rouge, Baldwin, Golden Russet, and many more. Orchards; 61% Hammerstone Orchard, Trumansburg NY Organically managed, 13% Freer Orchard, Geneva NY, no spray, 8% Treegate Farm, Enfield NY, no spray, 8% Redbyrd Orchard, Burdett & Trumansburg, NY, Certified Biodynamic, 5% Newell Farm, Burdett NY, no spray, and 5% Wild gathered apples, Schuyler County NY

Pressed : October/November 2019, rack and cloth

Fermented : Stainless Steel, bone dry

Finished : unfiltered, unfined, Force Carbonated

Aromas : Rosehips and orange peel

Taste : bright, crisp, wet slate
Residual Sugar: 0.0%

Alcohol/Volume: 8.0%