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2021 Birdhouse

2021 Birdhouse

NY - Finger Lakes
$21.99 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 8%
A foray into funk with low acid and soft lingering tannins. This dry cider has notes of brettanomyces, beeswax, black cherry, forest leaves pressed oct/nov 2021 bottled mar 2022 naturally sparkling and Certified Biodynamic 0% residual sugar A blend of these apples: Golden Russet, Zestar, Liberty, Porters Perfection, Roxbury Russet, Browns Apple, Harry Masters Jersey, Zabergau Rinette, Sweet 16, Kazakhstan Seedlings, Newtown Pippin, Barn Hill Sharp, Redfield, Stoke Red, Gnarled Chapman, Baldwin, Crimson Topaz, Rubinette, Somerset redstreak, Bramleys Seedling, Tom Putt, Golden Hornet, Mountain Rose, Thornberry, and more. Birdhouse, although similar in name and label artwork, is not to be confused with the limited release Birdhouse Block- two different ciders.