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Product Image for 2016 Rose Cardamom Mead 750ML

2016 Rose Cardamom Mead 750ML

WA - Other
$22.00 / 750ml

  • Alcohol 12.20%
Rose Cardamom Mead (off-dry)
Awards: Seattle Magazine called this product one of the top 5 meads in Washington in 2015.

This off-dry mead is infused with rose petals, fresh ground cardamom, and sun dried vanilla bean. This complex yet delicate blend of floral and spice notes is rounded with the smoothness of vanilla that will keep you guessing (and sipping)! Tasting choices will rely heavily on the nuanced balance of the floral notes-the citrusy rose, with the almost peppery but cool spice character of the cardamom.

Pairing suggestions: Fruits like apricots, those handy goat/sheep cheeses, potentially Gouda or a sharp cheddar, kalamata olives. Entrees: think anything curry. Thai curries, Indian curries like Tikka Masala.
Desserts to pair with Rose Cardamom, the sky is the limit. Dark chocolate, fresh fruit/berries with vanilla whipped cream, cardamom ice cream, scones or butter biscuits (Swedish/Norweigian desserts and baked goods which have cardamom in them also are suggested).