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Product Image for 2016 Chrysopoeia Traditional off-dry Mead 750ML

2016 Chrysopoeia Traditional off-dry Mead 750ML

WA - Other
$19.00 / 750ml

  • Alcohol 12.20%
Awards: Bronze Medal, Northwest Wine Summit Competition 2016
(Chris-oh-pee-yuh), which is Greek for Gold-Making, is an alchemical term which refers to the transmutation of a substance into gold (from the Greek khruson, gold, and poiein, to make). The Chrysopoeia is a subtly sweet, light bodied off-dry mead with a creamy sweetness in the finish. There are notes of tart apples, green hay, vanilla, and butter that carry into a shorter finish with honey and butteriness predominant. Think of a
less acidic Riesling and you'll be in the right ballpark for pairing.

Pairing suggestions: Any goat cheeses, chèvre, feta, goat milk cheddar with peppered crackers or walnuts. Think Mediterranean: White fish or grilled chicken breast with fresh veggies. Pork is another possibility due to its light flavor and intrinsic sweetness. Culinary spices such as Greek Oregano, Basil, Thyme. This is a very accessible wine that does well at the dinner table. May also be used instead of white wine in white sauces or marinades.