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Wine Tag-Greeting Card


Send a message with a tag that hangs around the neck of the bottle. Write a message in the note section of your checkout and which style you'd like!


~Happy Thanksgiving INSIDE: Blank

~Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Joy, Hope, & Peace INSIDE: Blank

~We Wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! INSIDE: Blank

~Happy Holidays INSIDE: Wishing you Peace & Joy

~Happy Holidays INSIDE: Blank

~2019 Happy New Year INSIDE: Wishing you all the best in the New Year!


~Happy Birthday INSIDE: Birthdays are like fine wine, the more age, the better!

~Thank you for all of your support! INSIDE: You Deserve the Best!

~A Bottle of Wine for a Friend INSIDE: Blank

~Cheers INSIDE: Blank

~Cheers to our wonderful Host! INSIDE: Thank you for the warm invitation!

~Cheers to our wonderful Hostess! INSIDE: Thank you for the warm invitation!