2019 Vaseys Paradise Brut Chambourcin Sparkling Rose´

2019 Vaseys Paradise Brut Chambourcin Sparkling Rose´

IL - Illinois
$38.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 12.50%
Thirty-two miles downstream from Lees Ferry, the Colorado River cuts into the Redwall Formation, exposing ancient groundwater passages known as Vasey’s Paradise. A gushet of white water cascades down the limestone cliff on the right bank through a jumble of greenery, finally bubbling into the mainstream and makes for a wonderful contrast to the dryer desert environment as you float past it down the river. In 1869 Maj. John Wesley Powell named this gem in honor of his friend, noted botanist Dr. George Vasey, Curator of the U.S. National Herbarium and Botanist, USDA. Sugar Creek Vasey’s Paradise Sparkling Rosé Wine is made from the Chambourcin grape and pairs well with appetizers, roast chicken or turkey and chocolate. 1.4% Residual Sugar.

Brand for Sugar Creek Winery
Sugar Creek Vineyard and Winery, Inc. is a vertically integrated vineyard and wine tasting room in Carmel, IN. We produce distinctive, artisan wines from our vineyard in Montgomery County, Indiana in addition to wines made from grapes sourced from California, New York, Oregon and South America. We have something for everyone, from the new wine drinker to more seasoned enthusiasts.
1111 W Main Street
Suite 165
Carmel, IN 46032-1596

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