Vinicola Salton

Rua Mario Salton, 300 - District Tuiuty
Bento Gonçalves
Rio Grande De Sul, Brazil, MD 21224


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SALTON WINERY – A GREAT DISCOVERY. First Brazilian winery celebrating its 100th anniversary, Salton is mainly known for its sparkling wines, a market leader in this segment in Brazil. However, the multiple awards received for its reds and whites and the exports to various countries show that Salton is not focused on just one niche. Run by the third generation of the same family, Salton has modernized its management and production processes over time. The same applies to the equipment used in the winery, making extensive use of technology to produce high quality labels. Region where it operates: Serra Gaucha (winery and vineyards) and Campanha (vinification center and vineyards), in addition to receiving grapes from regions like Serra do Sudeste and Campos de Cima da Serra.

Wines Offered

2014 Salton Classic Chardonnay
Brazil - Other

$9.95 ($10.00 MSRP)

2013 Salton Classic Cabernet Sauvingnon
Brazil - Other

$9.95 ($10.00 MSRP)

Salton Intenso Brut
Brazil - Other