Rabbit's Foot Meadery

1246 Birchwood Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA 94089



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Rabbit’s Foot Meadery produces award winning mead - honey wine, hard ciders and our famous braggot. Our recipes and methods have been perfected over a period of more than fifteen years and combine the latest in fermentation technology with historical recipes to create unique mead - honey wine in a style that is like no other. All of our mead, ciders, dessert mead and braggots-honey ales, are produced using the finest honey available without the addition of added sulfites.

Our braggots are styled after many traditional ales but with a major twist - there is lots of honey added during fermentation. Sometimes up to 50% of the fermentable sugar. In many cases while they are modeled after more traditional styles, they are unique and stand on their own. Typically lower in hop aroma and bitterness to allow the honey to shine they are still quite enjoyable.


Chocolate Raspberry Love
CA - Santa Clara County (Central Coast)


Raspberry Mead
CA - California


Hard Black Cherry Cider
CA - Santa Clara County - Santa Clara Valley


Hard Raspberry Cider
CA - Santa Clara County - Santa Clara Valley


Flor de Jamaica Sidra
CA - Sonoma County - Alexander Valley


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