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Though continents apart, Robin & Andréa were both raised around vineyards in newly developing wine regions (Monterey, California, and Marlborough, New Zealand), each independently fostering their own appreciation for the craft of winemaking and each unaware of the other for nearly half their lives. Despite the 7,000 miles that separated them, they would eventually find their way to each other in 1999. Their story is proof of the bond that can form over a bottle of wine, a story that comes to life with all McBride Sisters wines. The Sisters currently produce wines in New Zealand and California under their McBride Sisters Collection and Reserve Wine Club.


2015 Red Blend
CA - Central Coast


2016 Chardonnay
CA - Central Coast


2016 Sauvignon Blanc
New Zealand - Marlborough


Sparkling Brut Rosé
New Zealand - Marlborough


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