Lynchburg Winery


2016 Muscadine - White

American - Other
Size: 750ml

$16.95 ($19.95 MSRP)

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This is it! Our Signature Southern Wine that outsells all other 3 to 1! Serendipity is a Sweet Muscadine Wine with a light fizz. Sweet, but no Sugar added in the process as natural juice is used in the back end sweetening process. This is the wine that put us on the map! Muscadines are a Native American Grape that grow in the south. We have 10 acres currently and are expanding our vineyards.


Total Cases:
Harvest Dates:
Bottling Date:
Release Date:

Average Degree Brix:
Titratable Acidity: g/L
pH at Bottling:
Alcohol Level: 8.0000%


Taste & Character

Acidity: Medium
Tanins: Low
Oak: None
Ageability: Short (1-2 years)
Body: Light

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