Enlightenment Wines Farm and Meadery

Tempest Teapot Gold

2013 Acer

NY - Hudson River Region
Alcohol Level: 14.50%
Size: 250ml
Total Cases: 20


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This is a one of a kind DRY maple wine -made like mead- but from unfiltered maple syrup rather than honey. Tempest Teapot Gold differs from our previous maple wine releases in that this batch was aged for over 2.5 years in a single small Tutthilltown Whiskey bourbon barrel. The result is a mystically close cousin to dry white sherry- and a great introduction to the coming autumn. Taste a maple tree without any of the sugar! Unfortunately we only made a single barrel of this fine item. Exceptional flavor, extremely LIMITED - with only 100 bottles released to the public online. Hand silk-screned in house- sealed with glass cork.
Please note. This release is LIMITED TO ONLY 2 BOTTLES PER CUSTOMER.
Bottles begin shipping December 1st.

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