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Dagger- Botanical Cherry Mead

2015 Mixed

NY - Hudson River Region
Size: 375ml


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DAGGER (2015)

Black cherry botanical mead, with yarrow, chamomile and foraged hemlock-fir. Unique aromatic herbal character and structure. A true holiday mead with actual Christmas trees inside. Great for Holiday cocktails! Limited edition to 300 bottles.
No sulfites added, unfiltered, and un-fined. Some sediment is natural and delicious. Get in touch for our Dagger-Martina recipe.

Please note: This wine is a 2015 vintage- with cherries from that year. However this year (2016) the cherry crop failed in New York state- so Dagger will not be made again for some time. Save an extra- these will go fast.


Total Cases: 40
Harvest Dates:
Bottling Date:
Release Date:

Average Degree Brix:
Titratable Acidity: g/L
pH at Bottling:
Alcohol Level: 12.0000%


Taste & Character

Acidity: High
Tanins: Medium
Oak: None

Winemaker's Notes

Unfiltered and Unfined. No sulfites. A natural mead.

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