Drinking Horn

Traditional Mead

2017 Honey

AZ - Other
Size: 1L


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Made with just honey, yeast, and water. We use orange blossom honey from Mountain Top Honey. This mead is often describe as being similar to a chardonnay. It is dry and smooth while still retaining strong notes from the honey. Bottled February 2017. Serve at your own preferred temperature.

Pairs with: Spicy sausage, spicy curry


Total Cases: 41
Harvest Dates:
Bottling Date: February 2017
Release Date: March 2017

Average Degree Brix: 0.77
Titratable Acidity: g/L
pH at Bottling:
Alcohol Level: 13.0000%

Blend/Composition: Orange Blossom Honey
Aging: batch aged, six months

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