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With a substantial portion of honey originating from our hives and recipes vetted through numerous competitions the mission of the BeeCraft Mead Company has revolved around the use of local honey to produce world-class mead. The meads you purchase will tend to be honey-forward, smooth, and a solid example of its mead type. Experience what a million blooms in every bottle tastes like... enjoy the Bee's Craft!
NOTE: We are a small craft meadery and all orders for the week are packaged and shipped on Fridays and Saturdays. Thank you for allowing us to be your meadmakers!!


2018 Wild Georgia Honey
GA - Other

$14.99 ($15.00 MSRP)

2018 Southern Gal
GA - Other

$14.99 ($15.00 MSRP)

2018 Captiva Caps
GA - Other

$14.99 ($15.00 MSRP)

2018 Ginger on My Mind
GA - Other

$14.99 ($15.00 MSRP)

2017 Vanilla Oak
GA - Other

$19.99 ($23.99 MSRP)

2018 Dark Pearls
GA - Other

$23.99 ($24.00 MSRP)

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