1634 Meadery

3 Short St.
Ipswich, MA 01938



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The 1634 Meadery is a small craft winery making mead from local Massachusetts honey and fruit and herbs. We strive to support local agriculture using fresh grown produce and honey from local apiaries. Come visit our beautiful tasting room constructed from 17th century barn wood, sample some wonderful mead. And then get a quick, informative tour our our production facility to find out how mead is made!

Wines Offered

2016 Choate Bridge Cyser
MA - Other

$18.95 ($20.00 MSRP)

2016 Puritan Pride
MA - Other

$19.95 ($21.00 MSRP)

2016 Beewitched
MA - Other

$21.00 ($22.00 MSRP)

2016 Citrus Breeze
MA - Other

$20.00 ($21.00 MSRP)

2016 Strawberry Fields
MA - Other

$22.00 ($24.00 MSRP)

2016 Orange Elation (orange blossom mead)
MA - Other

$19.95 ($21.00 MSRP)

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