Orchid Cellar Meadery and Winery

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Middletown, MD 21769



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"Locally crafted, internationally awarded"

Orchid Cellar is Maryland's premier meadery and winery specializing in complex honey wines and unique red and white varietals.

Alcoholic beverages were brewed by our ancestors before written records. We can only guess how it all started. Was it grain that got wet in the rain or grape juice left too long? We offer you an alternative explanation: honey. From the Olympian Ambrosia, to the land "flowing with milk and honey", honey-based beverages were produced by Egyptians, Greeks, Celts, Mayans—well, all civilizations that knew beekeeping. Most notable tradition of mead making can be found to this day in Poland. Enjoy our meticulous recreation of some old recipes. We use modern knowledge of chemistry and microbiology only to understand the process, not to interfere with it.

Wines Offered

NV Ambrosia


NV Archer


NV Blacksmith


NV Castellan


NV Cobbler


NV Duchess


NV Highlander


NV Hunter


NV Lumberjack


NV Knight


NV Melusine


NV Monk




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