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Wines from Virginia. For Everyone.

Peaks of Otter Winery MOJO


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Sans Soucy Vineyards & Winery Oak n' Berry


Save 10% on a case View Wine

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People who really know wine know that some of the oldest and most revered wineries are located in Virginia. Now, with, you can have artisan wines from renowned Virginia wineries shipped directly to your home or the homes of your friends and family in 13 other states. As you search the wines offered on, you will discover savings of up to 25%.

How do I find these savings?

Listed above are just three of the hundreds of award-winning wines you will save on at Click the "View Wine" links to see rich descriptions of each wine and winery, as well as the savings being offered.

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If you love Virginia wine, forward this page to friends and family. Let them know that excellent wines have been crafted in Virginia since 1608. After 400 years, isn't it time to give them a try!