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2021 Mitten Series Variety Pack

2021 Mitten Series Variety Pack


Our variety pack of the 2021 Mitten Series contains 4-packs of each variety (The Mitten, Cherry, Blueberry).

The Mitten 2021 - This Michigan cider is a blend of last season's pressed apples, aged in Bourbon barrels for up to one year, then back sweetened with this year's fresh pressed apple juice. The Mitten has notes of vanilla, caramel, and charred oak. GLINTCAP / Wood Aged - Silver award winner.

Cherry Mitten - Cherries from our neighbors give this cider light cherry sweetness, notes of vanilla, Bourbon, cinnamon, and heavy stone fruit flavor.

Blueberry Mitten - We add local blueberries to this version of The Mitten to create notes of blueberry, light Bourbon, and charred oak.