2020 PARTY PACK 10% OFF!!

2020 PARTY PACK 10% OFF!!

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The Roaring 20's are back so let's celebrate!

100 years ago the 18th amendment came into effect banning the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcoholic beverages in the United States.
Our predecessors spent 13 DRY years fighting for our right to party! Don't let their work be for not...
Thomas Brothers Hard Cider line up is a great alternative to Champagne for your special events.

In remembrance, we are giving 20% off to help you break into the 20's right with Thomas Brothers trinity pack!

*If you would like to pick up your cider you can do so at:

2323 B Fourth St, Berkeley, CA 94710
684 Larkfield Center, Santa Rosa CA, 95403

Please contact us before hand to ensure someone will be there. jason@thomasbrothershardcider.com or 707-695-8316.