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2022 Seven Rivers White

2022 Seven Rivers White

Vidal Blanc
NH - New Hampshire
$21.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 12%
Seven Rivers White is a bright, crisp, refreshing dry white wine, made from our estate grown Vidal Blanc grapes. Seven Rivers White offers a delightful and aromatic bouquet, with a mix of fruit-forward aromas, such as citrus fruits, tropical fruits, and stone fruits. Floral notes, such as honeysuckle and white add to its aromatic complexity. On the palate, Seven Rivers White displays a crisp and refreshing acidity, making it suitable for various occasions. The taste is fruit-driven, mirroring the aromas with dominant citrus and tropical fruit flavors. Seven Rivers White has a medium body, offering a pleasant and satisfying mouthfeel.