Heirloom Cider Three-Pack

Heirloom Cider Three-Pack

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Enjoy a bottle each of our three, limited release heirloom ciders. This multi-pack is available in very limited quantities so get yours today!

One (1) Sirius Black, 750mL Bottle - 6.9% ABV - Named by our cidermaker who loves all things Harry Potter, this cider is made with single varietal Kingston Black apples from Upper Valley Farms in Parkdale, Oregon.

The juice is slow-fermented for nine months in oak barrels using our proprietary French wine yeast, also grown in the Hood River Valley. The simplicity of production by no means correlates to the incredibly complex flavors of this cider - smoky, sweet, and spicy. We’ll just say it is a truly Sirius libation.

One (1) Mellifera, 750mL Bottle - 6.9% ABV - The base of this cider is our Sirius Black, which is a single-varietal Kingston Black from Upper Valley Farms in Parkdale, Oregon, that is slow-fermented in oak barrels.

The word Mellifera means "honey-bearing" in Latin and the scientific name for honey bees is Apis Mellifera. This juice is lightly-backsweetened with honey from the famous watermelon crops in Hermiston, Oregon. The cider has a smoky, complex front with a slightly mead-like tannic honey finish.

One (1) Crowded Table, 750mL Bottle - 6.9% ABV - Crowded Table is our limited-edition, heirloom cider first released in 2019, with the hope of releasing a variety each year. This beautiful cider is a blend of 2017 Kingston Black aged one year in oak barrels, 2018 Kingston Black, 2018 Bramley's Seedling, Rootstock, and organic Jonagold apples, wild-fermented then barrel-aged before bottling.

With a deep, rich caramel mouthfeel, you experience this cider from first sip to swallow. Light on acidity with a slightly hazy straw color, this is a cider you'll want to drink crowded around a table with those you adore.