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Holly Jolly Trio

Holly Jolly Trio

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Throughout history, mead has been a symbol of joy, celebration, and unity, this is why there's no better beverage to share with your loved ones during this holiday season! This year we created two brand new meads for your merry gatherings - Mele Kalikimaka and Peppermint Twist - so spread some cheer with these holly jolly meads! Gettin' Figgy: A spiced sweet melomel made with orange blossom honey, Turkish figs, orange peel, ground nutmeg and cardamom. 13.6% ABV Mele Kalikimaka: A semi-sweet traditional mead made with rare Hawaiian Christmas Berry honey. 13.5% ABV Peppermint Twist: A sweet metheglin made with Appalachian wildflower honey, cocoa, vanilla, and peppermint. 13.5% ABV