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Silver Hand Meadery Classics

Silver Hand Meadery Classics


Host your own mead tasting at home with this mead selection that exemplifies our distinct flavors and style.
This half-case bundle features 6 of our award-winning flagship meads:

Black Velvet: semi-sweet melomel made with a blend of Star Thistle and Appalachian Wildflower honey and tart black currants. 13% ABV

Strawberry Swing: sweet melomel made with Alfalfa honey and strawberries. 12.5% ABV

Virginia Tonight: semi-sweet traditional mead made with Virginia and Appalachian Wildflower honeys, aged in bourbon barrels. 12% ABV

Dream by the Fire: off-dry cyser made with a honey blend and fresh pressed Virginia apple cider, flavored with apple pie spices, and aged in French oak barrels. 12.5% ABV

Soak Up the Sun: semi-sweet traditional mead made with orange blossom honey. 12.5% ABV

All Blues: semi-sweet melomel made with blueberry blossom honey and blueberries, aged with French oak. 13% ABV