Pampered Wino Gift Set

Pampered Wino Gift Set

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The "Pampered Wino" is the perfect gift for yourself.... or, that special someone whose day you'd like to brighten. It includes everything you need for a relaxing evening (or afternoon). Soak away the stress with a hot fizzy bath, a glass of wine under candlelight. The gift set includes:

1 x Scented Fizzy Bath Bomb to help you soak away the stress.

1 x Typark Scented Candle in one of Seven Birches Winery recycled bottles to help you relax.

2 x Bottles of wine, Sunset Red (red blend) and Jardin (white wine) to soothe the soul.

1 x Host* Wine Freeze Cup to keep your wine chilled in the tub.

1 x Haleys Corker, 5-in-1 aerator, filter, pourer, corker and stopper to keep your wine safe and sound.

This set can be shipped as a gift, with your special note, to anyone in the 37 states that we ship wine to. Or, grab it for yourself while supplies last. We know you deserve it!