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Quarantine Wine Kit

Quarantine Wine Kit

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We've got your emergency wine kit ready to be shipped directly to your home. This kit is perfect in the event of emergencies such as quarantine, isolation, social distancing, storms, boredom, and Tuesday afternoons. The kit, which can be shipped to you or picked up at our tasting room, includes 5 bottles of wine, a Seven Birches Winery corkscrew, and 2 unbreakable stemless souvenir acrylic glasses.

The emergency kit includes:

1 x Bottle of Strawberry Wine
1 x Bottle of Sunset Red
1 x Bottle of Rebel
1 x Bottle of Alto
1 x Bottle of Jardin
1 x Seven Birches Winery Logo'd Corkscrew
2 x Seven Birches Winery Logo'd Acrylic Glasses