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NY - Seneca Lake
$11.99 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 12.50%
Tasting Notes:
Semi-Dry. Light & Spicy. This grape was created by Cornell. Cornell scientists cross pollinated a Gewurztraminer grape with an experimental white hybrid, to create a totally new grape variety. They named it Traminette (the “little Tramin”). Tramin is the name of a town in Northern Italy. Gewurztraminer means “spicy traminer grape from the village of Tramin” (in German). WOW !!! That is a bit convoluted. We know that it tastes a little spicy, and we like the Traminette grape a lot. Floral. Hints of Apricot.
Food Pairings :
Asian-style foods, Fish, Poultry, Poached or Steamed Dishes, Green Vegetables, Herbs
A Love Child, breaking boundaries, this Traminette Grape, produced by the modern-day alchemists at Cornell University. It is a cross-pollination of the Noble German Gewurztraminer grape with a Hybrid of Hybrids experimental variety. After the careful pairing, in the dark, humid laboratory – Poofff!!! Up from the smoke and steam on the alchemists bench, this mutation is Born!! Spicy flavors from the German side, delicacy and elegance from the Unknown… And with a Perfumed Bouquet that will never want to be enclosed within a bottle… This Wine Yearns to Be Set Free!!!
Wine Event and Competition Awards:
Gold Medal – 2014 Vintage Voted BEST Traminette in New York!