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Royal White

Royal White

White Blend
NY - Seneca Lake
$10.99 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 12.50%
Tasting Notes:
Semi-Sweet. This white wine has a lovely crisp finish. Lighter and less sweet than our Royal Nectar. Another of our “Royal Series” that tastes like the Native grapes in the Finger Lakes. This white wine has a taste reminiscent of a glass full of the grapes you plucked from Grandma’s back yard vines. Serve Chilled for a crisper finish.
Food Pairings :
Cured Meats, Nuts & Seeds, Hot & Spicy Dishes, Whole Wheat Grains, Sweet & Starchy Vegetables, Fruits & Berries, Vanilla or Caramel
The Princess wore white to be reminded of her innocence, and how tragic her fall would be if ever she were to obtain carnal knowledge. Silently navigating the castle passageways, at Noon she came upon her magic Sun Beam. “Oh so faithful you come to me each day. When I dance you enter into me, penetrating me with your warmth, caressing my pale skin into golden fabric. How blissful I feel when you flood me with your essence. Rise Me, Oh Please Rise Me Up to be with you in the Heavens and taste the essence of your Nature. Please let me be your symbol of purity. Let me be Perfection.”
Wine Event and Competition Awards:
Silver Medal