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Royal Nectar

Royal Nectar

White Blend
$10.99 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 12.5%
Tasting Notes: Sweet. Full-Bodied. Sweet White Grapes. Another of our “Royal Series” that tastes like the Native grapes in the Finger Lakes. This white wine has a taste reminiscent of a glass full of the grapes you snuck from Grandma’s back yard vines. Try over Ice! Food Pairings : Cured Meats, Nuts & Seeds, Hot & Spicy Dishes, Whole Wheat Grains, Sweet & Starchy Vegetables, Fruits & Berries, Vanilla or Caramel History: Intent on being the brightest in the sky, the Sun Goddess shone especially brightly today. She had that perfect mix of hubris and exumberance that created a rare illusion. So bright she was, so clear the sky, and so calm the waters of Seneca Lake, that the Sun Goddess saw her reflection in the mighty lake and confused it with the Earth God that created volcanoes and such. Never to be out-done, she threw all her strength into out-shining her own reflection. Miraculously, the grapes we harvested that day were forever altered; Honey-like, thick and golden. The Sun Goddess coalesced the flavor essences to provide, drop by drop, this Royal Nectar. Wine Event and Competition Awards: Bronze Medal