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Golden Harvest Chardonnay

Golden Harvest Chardonnay

NY - Seneca Lake
$10.99 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 12.50%
Tasting Notes:
Sweet. Elegant, Delicate, Perfumed, Decadent. When the grapes are “just-so”, this Sweet Chardonnay can be harvested. A very delicate, and elegant wine, with the soft perfume and flavor of Pears and a little spice, this lusciously Sweet Chardonnay is great for sipping on the Dock… Definitely NOT for the ordinary Dry Chardonnay drinker.. (They just would NOT appreciate it !!) Hints of Golden Apples and Golden Raisins.
Food Pairings :
Cured Meats, Nuts & Seeds, Hot & Spicy Dishes, Whole Wheat Grains, Sweet & Starchy Vegetables, Fruits & Berries, Vanilla or Caramel
The Noble Chardonnay grape!!! Few Know if its true beauty and versatility. As it slowly ripens it changes color: From a magnificent iridescent Green through thinly veiled translucent Turquoise to light Straw, to Yellow, to Vibrant Golden perfection. In this wine, we have captured the moment of Golden Ripeness. Like Golden Jewels laid bare in the Autumn Sun; Sparkling, Dazzling, the Golden plump berries Glisten in the morning’s damp sunbeams. Pluck a few, and their sweetness is deceiving, yet they call you back for more…