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2021 Yarlington Gold

2021 Yarlington Gold

NY - New York
$19.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 8.4%
  • pH 3.67
Highly aromatic with soft, velvety tannins, ‘Yarlington Gold’ is an equal parts blend of two prized cider apples - Yarlington Mill, a traditional English bittersweet apple & Golden Russet, an American sharp. With a touch of astringency and great minerality, this low to medium acidity still cider is our most subtle and easy-drinking, Cold fermented on a combination of DV-10 and wild yeasts in stainless steel barrels. Bottled Jan 2021. Still. Yarlington Mills - 50% Golden Russet - 50% Tasting Notes Orange pith, Ruby red grapefruit, pear skin, tangerine, tart cherry, smoky tannins

Maker Name

Ryan McGiver