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2022 Albariño

2022 Albariño

CO - Grand Valley
$25.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 12.5%
VINEYARD Sifón Vineyard GRAPE VARIETIES 100% Albariño ABV 12.5% TASTING NOTES Crisp & refreshing with a bright acidity & a whisper of minerality. Green apple skin, sweet melon, & honeycomb round out a medium-light textured body. WINEGROWING Grown with a focus on sustainability. These grapes are farmed on alluvial soils mixed with larger volcanic strata. A properly managed, umbrella like canopy allows for just the right air flow and dappled sunlight onto the clusters to achieve maximum quality. WINEMAKING 2 picks on the vineyard resulted in two separate wines blended together for the ultimate expression. A less ripe pick displays green apple notes, while the later pick adds texture and a honey flavor. Fermented in stainless steel to maintain a crisp acidity.