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The Trees

The Trees

NH - New Hampshire
$40.00 / 375 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 12.4%
Where the golden essence of maple meets the spirit of oak and bourbon. Ingredients Wildflower honey Maple syrup Aged 9-months in an X-bourbon maple barrel Tasting Notes Nose -- Oak, vanilla Mid-Palate -- Bourbon Finish -- Maple, orange Pairs Well With Roasted vegetables, grilled meats, tarts or bread pudding By the Way The combination of maple syrup and bourbon results in a rich, complex flavor profile that balances the sweetness of the syrup with the smoky, woody notes of the bourbon and oak. The oak barrels impart flavors from the wood, such as tannins, vanillin, and other compounds, which complement the natural sweetness of the maple syrup, which promotes a deeper, richer flavor than regular maple syrup.