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Apple Hibiscus

Apple Hibiscus

NH - New Hampshire
$20.00 / 375 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 12%
Hibiscus Blue Eyes Fruit Tea It contains dried fruit, dried flowers, and natural flavors. It has rich fruity flavor with an antioxidant benefit. It begins with the sweetest and tartest notes of caramel and fruit. The fruit, for its part, is unveiled in a medley of flavors combining with the natural strength and tartness of dried fruits. Ingredients Apple Hibiscus Flowers Rose Hips Orange Peel Cornflower SHM Tasting Nose Hibiscus and honey Mid-Palate Honey sweet Finish Soft with dry ending Where Are You At a festive dinner party on the banks of the Rhone Wondering around the grounds at the Kentucky Derby On a lake enjoying a favorite sunset sipper Key Words Potpourri, roundness, bouquet, start’s a conversation Did You Know Frank Sinatra - Old Blue Eyes himself - was the inspiration for this fruit blend. Yet, it most likely earned the name "blue eyes" due to the dried cornflowers that given it splashes of blue color. The base of this infusion is made from the sepals of the tropical hibiscus flower. Hibiscus contains vitamin C and minerals and is used traditionally as a mild natural medicine. Dried rose hips are also used in herbal medicine and are packed with vitamin C.