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Fragment of Time

Fragment of Time

NH - New Hampshire
$35.00 / 375 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 15.6%
Tasting Nose Apple Mid-Palate Notes of spice, caramel and vanilla Finish Dry, with a hint of oak This is one of our driest barrel aged meads we have produced. It is made with a wildflower honey, fermented, and aged in an apple brandy barrel for 8 months. The flavors of apricots, apples, pears and honey work well together to create a unique sipper with a warming alcohol backbone. Let this one breathe and let it open up! Where Are You Putting away the farm tools in the barn After stacking a cord of wood Our Words Contemplative, timeless, crisp, refreshing Did You Know Brandy is made by distilling grapes and then aging them in an oak barrel, while cognac is a type of brandy also aged in an oak barrel yet seen by many to be a 'high-class' brandy. Unlike bourbon and whisky, whose barrels are often heavily charred before filling, brandy and cognac barrels are only slightly roasted. This helps bring out the natural vanilla and spicy flavors from the oak.