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Apple Pie

Apple Pie

NH - New Hampshire
$30.00 / 375 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 12.00%
Simply Put
An iconic American dish

Wildflower Honey
Apple Juice
Brown Sugar
Toasted Oats

SHM Tasting
Nose Apple, baking spices
Mid-Palate Dried fruit, pair, sweetness
Finish Raisin, toasted oats

Where Are You
In the back of an apple picking wagon
Sitting in grandma’s kitchen
Watching an apple fall on Isaac Newton’s head

Our Words
Toasty, wholesome, fireplace hearth

Did You Know
The first apple pie recipe was printed over 630 years ago in England in 1381. The list of ingredients included good apples, good spices, figs, raisins, pears, saffron, and cofyn (a type of pastry crust).
By WWII, it was a symbol of feminine love associated with home, warmth, and soldiers proudly proclaimed that they were fighting for "mom and apple pie.