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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

NH - Other
$30.00 / 375 mL Bottle
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  • Alcohol 14.00%
Simply Put
The secret ingredient to a perfect summer-day picnic

Rolled Oats

SHM Tasting
Nose Fresh strawberries
Mid-Palate Tangy rhubarb
Finish Crusty oats with a lingering of strawberries

Where Are You
Playing a relaxing game of croquet in a luxurious French villa
Passing through a wildflower a grove as you cycle through the redwood forest
Sitting in grandma’s kitchen as she reaches into the oven

Our Words
Zesty, a Norman Rockwell moment, summer solstice

Did You Know
Europeans introduced rhubarb first to the New England region in the 1820s where it became a popular ingredient for pastry and pie fillings.
The redder the stalk, the sweeter the flavor.
Because it is so tart, rhubarb always is sweetened and often is mixed with another fruit-usually strawberries-to minimize its acidic tang.