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2022 Sāfu Sake Co. Fujii Shuzo Style Junmai Daiginjo

2022 Sāfu Sake Co. Fujii Shuzo Style Junmai Daiginjo

Junmai daiginjo (純米大吟醸)
$55.99 / 720 mL Bottle
$59.99 MSRP

  • Alcohol 15%
  • Bottling Date May 2022
NYWWSC/Double Gold
Award-winning double gold Premium Junmai Daiginjo brewed in Oita Prefecture by Fujii Shuzo, a 150 year-old kura. If you and your friends want the best sake drinking experience, then grab a bottle of Sāfu. You will need two bottles because the first will be empty very soon. This sake is incredibly enjoyable and smooth to drink. The aromas of melon and pear are joined by hints of rose as this refreshing sake finishes bright and clean.


A rich, aromatic junmai daiginjo. The brewer's slept by the tank in winter to ensure steady brewing temperature. With 150 years of brewing experience, no detail was overlooked. The result is a double-gold award winning junmai daiginjo.

Maker Name

Toru Fujii, Fujii Family

Vineyard/Orchard Name

Fujii Shuzo (Fujii Brewery)