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2022 Junmai Ginjo Fujii Shuzo Style 60% Polish

2022 Junmai Ginjo Fujii Shuzo Style 60% Polish

Junmai ginjo (純米吟醸)
$42.99 / 720 mL Bottle
$48.99 MSRP

  • Alcohol 15%
  • Bottling Date 2022
Created at Fujii Shuzo in Usuki, Japan, this is Safu Sake's junmai ginjo varietal and is made from the finest sake rice, Yamada Nishiki, milled to 60%, water from the Ono River, and brewed with 1801 yeast to deliver a sake that is light, elegant, crisp, balanced, easy on the palate, gloriously full of flavor, and rich with aroma. Flavors of banana, tropical fruit, and mild floral hints make this a pleasing favorite at tastings. Mouthfeel is lighter than Safu's junmai daiginjo but still finishes very clean and with minimal aftertaste.


Brewed in winter to control temperatures and create this balanced deliciously light sake to pair with halibut, light cheeses, and sushi.

Maker Name

Toru Fujii, Fujii Family

Vineyard/Orchard Name

Fujii Shuzo (Fujii Brewery)