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Product Image for 2017 Workman Dry

2017 Workman Dry

NY - Finger Lakes
$16.00 / 750ml

  • Alcohol 8.20%
Redbyrd Orchard Cider
Workman Dry ‘17
Bottle Notes: “A Cider for the Worker in All of Us” Workman Dry is our everyday drinking cider
that pairs excellently with food. We love it accompanying a rustic meal of sourdough bread,
sharp cheese, salami, and oil cured olives. Serve chilled.
Tasting Notes : Tropical fruit, orange peel, and birch on the nose. Fruit forward but with a round
supple mouthfeel transitioning to a finish of mouthwatering acidity and plentiful tannins. Bright
and juicy tart. Bone dry.
Production Notes : Blend of two different pressings in October and November 2017. Fermented
to dry, unfined, unfiltered, racked to bright tank and force carbonated. Bottled and Released in
February 2018.
Apples : Over 25 apple varieties. Main varieties are: Cox Orange Pippin, Newtown Pippin,
Dolgo Crab, Gold Rush, Margil, Spigold. 75% heirloom, 15% bittersweets, 10% wild seedling
Residual Sugar: 0.0%
Alcohol/Volume : 8.2%
pH : 3.5
TA : 0.8

Winemaker Name

Eric Shatt