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2020 Biodynamic Sunset

2020 Biodynamic Sunset

NY - Finger Lakes
$22.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 9.50%
Naturally Sparkling Bottle Conditioned
Certified Biodynamic by Demeter

keepsake, porters perfection, redfield, golden russet, goldrush, wickson crab

pressed 10.29.20 bottled 1.13.21

~notes of~
anise, juniper berry, birch bark, oregano


We are so excited for the release of our first bottle conditioned ciders of 2020. 2020 was an intense year in so many ways. The growing season had challenges too. We not only had spring frost damage but a summer long drought which resulted in a small crop of small sized apples. The upside was that because of the small crop the flavors and sugars in the apples were concentrated and intense. We pressed this small crop in three pressings, September 25th, October 16th, and October 29th. These three pressings were uniquely different due to the different apples blended in each pressing. These three batches were fermented separately and as we started to think about how to blend them we realized they each were so unique and interesting. We bottled a small quantity of each batch and named them Sunrise, Sunlight, and Sunset - metaphorically speaking to the first, middle and last pressing of the year.