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2021 Ellis Bitter/ Browns Apple/ Kingston Black

2021 Ellis Bitter/ Browns Apple/ Kingston Black

NY - Finger Lakes
$20.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 7.50%
40% Ellis Bitter
30% Browns Apple
30% Kingston Black

~notes of ~
Blood Orange, Cedar, Pine Needle, Caramel

Alcohol 7.5%
Residual Sugar 0.0%

Here is a beautiful blend of three classic English cider apples. Ellis Bitter and Browns from Devon and Kingston Black from Somerset. Each of these apples are very unique in their cider character. Ellis Bitter is a bittersweet with plentiful soft velvety tannins, low acid and a unique floral aroma reminiscent of a rose. Browns Apple is sharper with clean crisp fruity flavors. Kingston Black is a bittersharp having both acid and tannins. Kingston Black, although a difficult apple to grow, is worth the effort with what it lends to a cider. Kingston Black brings the leathery, smoky, earthy flavors and aromas. The juice is orange in color and usually higher in brix then most apples. In this cider it adds depth to the softer tannins and floral character of the Ellis Bitter and the fresh clean crisp fruity character of the Browns Apple.

bottled 12/28/21