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2017 Bouchard

2017 Bouchard

CA - Mendocino County - Mendocino
$72.00 / 750 mL Bottle
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  • Alcohol 15.20%

2017 Malbec

We are proud to present the second vintage of “Bouchard,” our special reserve Malbec. You’ll recognize its rich, regal purple hue that will stop you in your tracks. Its ultra-smooth, creamy aromas of raspberry, cinnamon, and vanilla illuminate why this wine is so exceptional. Its full body, medium acid, and light tannins are perfectly paired with red meats and cheeses.

Hippolyte Bouchard was an Argentinian naval officer that became California’s only pirate. In 1818 the privateer anchored two ships off Dana Point and sent 140 men to raid the San Juan Capistrano Mission for provisions. Bouchard’s men left several buildings damaged in their wake, including the Governor’s home, barracks, and the Mission’s wine cellar.