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Kisses Three Pack

Kisses Three Pack


Enjoy one of each of our legendary Kisses ice style dessert wines in 375mL bottle size. Our award-winning Eskimo Kisses, Hot Kisses, and Cinnful Kisses offer a memorable and unique visual and taste experience at an incredible value price in the premium dessert wine category. Perfect complements to dining and entertaining and perfect as gifts.

Eskimo Kisses. A consistent gold medal wine with a golden flavor. Our PIWC signature dessert wine, made from Vidal Blanc grapes, is an exquisite experience for the senses. A beautiful vision in the bottle, the rich amber nectar exudes aromas of honey and dried tropical fruit. Thick and sweet, this delicious ice style wine blankets your palate with a luxurious golden finish.

Enjoy Eskimo Kisses well chilled with desserts or by itself. This is a perfect ending to any sumptuous dining experience!

Hot Kisses. Our new wine creation is a bold new partner for our legendary Eskimo Kisses. We’ve added a single Thai chili pepper to our classic ice style dessert wine and the effect is astounding. The rich sweetness and the infused pepper spice balance each other perfectly for an exquisite and unexpected taste experience. The golden sweetness fills your mouth but is not too sweet and is joined by a provocative burst of spice that finishes into a lingering warmth that is not too hot and not too spicy.

If you find dessert wines a little over the top for your sweet tooth, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Hot Kisses. If you already love our Eskimo Kisses, then try spicing up your next special dining experience by introducing some Hot Kisses!

Enjoy Hot Kisses well chilled with food or all by itself. Great with seafood and meat or try it with chocolate covered strawberries!

Cinnful Kisses. A Cinnfully delicious brand new partner to our legendary Eskimo Kisses. Natural cinnamon sticks infuse our classic Kisses with the spice’s warmth and aromatic richness. The golden sweetness and infused spice harmonize powerfully but subtly to create a blissful balance of sweet and savory with a hint of exotic Mediterranean flavors.

This newest member of the Kisses Trio is a perfect way to finish off a sumptuous dining experience or just enjoy a glass on its own and savor the luxuriant flavors and aromas.