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Bayou Blend

Bayou Blend

PA - Lake Erie
$16.99 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 11.00%
A real bijoux, Chère, created with our friends at Voodoo Brewery to capture the soulful flavors and spirit of the Bayou. A soft and juicy red blend with mellow flavors of berries, dark chocolate, black pepper and smoke. It’s like eating blackberry pie with a nicely browned crust. A versatile wine that is a pleasant sipper for informal gatherings or a great wing man to most red meat dishes, tomato-based dishes, and hearty vegetarian fare, especially when there’s a grill around. Those seeking adventure will appreciate the ability of this wine to both accentuate and tame the heat of spicy foods from Bayou to Bangkok.

Winemaker Name

Bob Green