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2022 Inheritance- a co-fermented, noble rot cider

2022 Inheritance- a co-fermented, noble rot cider

CA - Calaveras County
$24.00 / 375 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 9.4%
9.4% ABV, 375mL A coferment of Gala apples and dry farmed, spray free, noble late harvest red & white wine grapes, featuring whole cluster carbonic maceration & a Hungarian oak rest. Our production space was formerly a winery, and with the building we inherited a few dozen red & white grape vines. Despite a dry season overall, August of 2022 saw a handful of brief showers that brought a bloom of noble rot to the grapes and inspired us to pursue this unique late harvest coferment. We picked the grapes at their peak, between 28-31 Brix, in a rolling harvest that spanned over a month. Notes: dried raspberry, bittersweet apple, tobacco, oolong tea Drinking Instructions: Store upright and chill to 55 degrees before drinking. Bottle contains natural sediment at the bottom. Drink in wine or tulip glass within 6 months of purchase