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Gräv- Wood Aged Sparkling Cider

Gräv- Wood Aged Sparkling Cider

CA - Calaveras County
$28.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 8.1%
750mL, 8.1% ABV Notes: tangerine peel, apricot, hint of wood On a late night long ago, two miners glimpsed the head of a ghost between the gravestones at the Moke Hill cemetery. They ran into town in shock and returned with others to confirm what they’d seen. Indeed, in the shadows a spirit of sorts was crawling out of an open grave -- though better light revealed a billy goat, not a ghost. The freed billy trotted home without further incident. This cider is made with local apples we suspect to be a Gravenstein offshoot -- but much like the miners & their ghost we couldn’t fully confirm that ourselves. We aged it with hickory for a crisp sparkling cider.